Kevin Chu | Film – EMIT
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YEAR: 2013
ROLE:  Executive Producer


SYNOPSIS:  In a world where time flows backwards, an old man looks forward to greeting his wife as she comes alive, while his 7-year old granddaughter contemplates her upcoming mortality.


Writer/Director: J S Mayank
Producer: Jesse Morrison

Co-Producer: Alexandra Creswick
Executive Producer: Anantshree Chaturvedi

Executive Producer: Wendy Young
Director of Photography: Patrick Meade Jones

Editor: Mark Sult
VFX: Maxx Burman & Jon Chesson

Music Composition: Antonio Lepore
Production Design: Derrick Hinman

Casting: Jeremy Gordon, CSA
Starring: Jack Coleman, Sherri Parker Lee, Katelyn Hunter, Mimi Cozzens, James Keane